LOG#008. Length contraction.

Once we introduce the postulates of special relativity and we have deduced the generalization of galilean transformations for electromagnetism and mechanics, the Lorentz transformation. We can deduce some interesting results. Suppose we have two events and , whose coordinates of … Continue reading

LOG#007. Time dilation.

Suppose two events happening in the S’-frame at the same point at different times. and . What is the temporal separation in the S-frame? According to Lorentz transformations, it is: or equivalently i.e. Of course, in the parallel case, if … Continue reading

LOG#006. Lorentz Transformations(II).

These equations define the most general (direct) Lorentz transformations  and we see they are not those in the previous post! I mean, they are not the one with the relative velocity in the direction of one particular axis, as we … Continue reading