LOG#074. Dual units.

The last of my three posts tonight is a mysterious dual system of units developed my rival blog (in Spanish language mainly):


His author launched an interesting but speculative dual system of units in which every physical quantity seems to have a lower and maximal bound. I have never seen such an idea published before, so I translated to English the table he posted here in Spanish language



Is duality the principle/symmetry  behind this table? I don’t know for sure, but I came to some similar ideas in my own thoughts about “enhanced relativities”, so I found this table as mysterious as the \kappa_0 constant from Pavšič units.

What do you think?

See you soon in a new blog post!

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LOG#074. Dual units. — 3 Comments

  1. Lots of thanks for your dedicated post to my table of fundamental magnitudes. By the way, I forgot to include in the table some fundamental quantities that also fit into that duality, for example, linear momentum, which would give the mininal momentum as p_0 = m_0 v_0 = \sqrt{\hbar v_0^3 /G} and maximal momentum (Planck momentum) as p_p = m_p c =  \sqrt{\hbar c^3 /G}.


    • You are welcome.

      I prefer constructiveness beyond some fun disputes, even if we keep our hard differences about fundamental issues.

      Well, those minimal and maximum momentum can be easily derived from the table, so it is not a significative loss. Anyway, let me remark that those bounds are irreductibily associated to the archimedean/non-archimedean frontier of Physics. Maximal and minimal bounds are saying, more or less, that there is a limit in the conventional way we look at physics close at those critical values!

      If fact, from a purely numeric framework, one is tempted to associate physics beyond those bounds as some kind of “supercritical” theory we don’t know yet operating beyond the limits of SR and QM, for instance. Ultrametricity is one of the keywords to supersede conventional barriers due to the “common” axioms of geometry and physics. In that respect, both Quantum Mechanics/QFT/SM and the General Theory of Relativity are effective theories, but very precise despite all the effort put into going “beyond”. It can be possible to have physics beyond “c” or “h”, but it is not going to be easy to find hints of that kind of unification I am trying to imagine. And LHC data, beyond their boring aspect (till now, only the Higgs boson), are quite stringent of what kind of “theories” we can effectively find at the TeV scale. Anyway, it is going to be lot of fun very soon, because if I am right, more “null” results from DM detection is going to be “found”. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are NOT what people usually think they are!

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