LOG#107. Basic Cosmology (II).

Evolution of the Universe: the scale factor The Universe expands, and its expansion rate is given by the Hubble parameter (not constant in general!) Remark  (I): The Hubble “parameter” is “constant” at the present value (or a given time/cosmological age), … Continue reading

LOG#106. Basic Cosmology (I).

The next thread is devoted to Cosmology. I will intend to be clear and simple about equations and principles of current Cosmology with a General Relativity background. First of all…I will review the basic concepts of natural units I am … Continue reading

LOG#105. Einstein’s equations.

In 1905,  one of Einstein’s achievements was to establish the theory of Special Relativity from 2 single postulates and correctly deduce their physical consequences (some of them time later).  The essence of Special Relativity, as we have seen, is that  … Continue reading

LOG#104. Primorial objects.

My post today will be discussing two ideas: the primorial and the paper “The product over all primes is “ (2003). The primorial is certain generalization of the factorial, but running on prime numbers. While the factorial is defined as … Continue reading

LOG#103. Numbers: the list.

Hello, eager earthlings! Today, my list is about fascinating number types. I love them all so much… 1) Natural numbers. 2) Integer numbers. 3) Fractional numbers. 4) Irrational numbers. 5) Real numbers. 6) Complex numbers. 7) Quaternions. 8) Octonions/Octaves/Cayley numbers. … Continue reading

LOG#102. Superstuff: the list.

Hello, Earth planet! Hello, earthlings! I want to share with you my list of favourite “superstuff”…Enjoy it: 1) Supersymmetry. 2) Superspace. 3) Supermatrix. 4) Superdeterminant. 5) Supergravity. 6) Superstrings. 7) Super p-branes. . Question: What about or “fractional branes”? 8) … Continue reading

LOG#101. Hyperstuff: the list.

Hello, world! This short post is a list with my favourite hyperstuff related to Physmatics. It also begins a new subcategory of (generally short) posts that I have called “Lists” where I will be writing enumerative lists about some “stuff” … Continue reading

LOG#100. Crystalline relativity.

TABLE OF CONTENTS CENTENARY BLOG POST! And dedicatories… 1. Serendipitous thoughts about my 100th blog post 2. The search for unification and higher dimensional theories 3. Final relativity 4. Kalitzin’s metric: multitemporal relativity 5. Spacetime crystals and crystalline relativity: concepts … Continue reading