LOG#216. Asian length units: the list.

Asian units for length: a non-exhaustive list.

1 Chi (China)=\dfrac{1}{3} m=33\dfrac{1}{3} cm

1 Chi (Hong-Kong)=14\dfrac{5}{8}=0.371475 m

1 Chi (Taiwan)=1 shaku (Japan)=\dfrac{10}{33}=0.3030 m

1 chek =0.371475 m

1 tsun =0.1 chek (Hong-Kong)

1 tsun =3\dfrac{1}{3} cm (Taiwan, China)

1 fan= 0.1 tsun

1 shaku (Japan, korean “ja”)=\dfrac{10}{33} m

1 ken (Japan)=1 hiro=6 shaku=\dfrac{60}{33}=1\dfrac{9}{11}\approx 1.818 meters

1 jo (Japan)=10 shaku=\dfrac{100}{33} meters

1 cho (Japan)=360 shaku=\dfrac{3600}{33}\approx 109.1 meters

1 ri (Japan)=12960 skaku=\dfrac{129600}{33}\approx 3927 meters

1 sun (Japan)=10^{-1}shaku=\dfrac{1000}{33} mm

1 bu (Japan)=10^{-2}shaku=\dfrac{1}{330}\approx 3.030 mm

1 rin (Japan)=10^{-3}shaku=\dfrac{1}{3300}m\approx 0.3030 mm

1 mo (Japan)=10^{-4}shaku=\dfrac{1}{33000}m\approx 0.03030 mm

10 chi = 17 hang


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