LOG#240. (Super)Dimensions.


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Topic today are dimensions. Dimension is a curious concept. Fractal geometry has changed what we used to consider about dimensions, since fractals can have non-integer dimensions. Even, from certain viewpoint, you can also consider negative dimensions, complex dimensions and higher versions of it. With fractals, you have several generalized dimensions:

(1)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{D_{box}=D_0=-\lim_{\varepsilon\rightarrow 0}\left(\dfrac{\log N(\varepsilon)}{\log\dfrac{1}{\varepsilon}}\right)} \end{equation*}

Next, information dimension

(2)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{ D_1=\lim_{\varepsilon\rightarrow 0}\left[-\dfrac{\log p_\varepsilon}{\log\dfrac{1}{\varepsilon}}\right]} \end{equation*}

Generalized Renyi dimensions are next

(3)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{D_\alpha=\lim_{\varepsilon\rightarrow 0}\dfrac{\dfrac{1}{\alpha-1}\log \sum p_i^\alpha}{\log\varepsilon}} \end{equation*}

Now, we can also define the Higuchi dimension:

(4)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{ D_h=\dfrac{d \log (L(X))}{d\log (k)}} \end{equation*}

Of course, you also have the celebrated Hausdorff dimension

(5)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{\mbox{dim}_h(X)=\mbox{inf}\left{d\geq 0: C_H^d(X)=0\right}} \end{equation*}

In manifold theories, you can also define the codimension:

(6)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{\mbox{codim}(W)=\mbox{dim}(V)-\mbox{dim}(W)=\mbox{dim}\left(\dfrac{V}{W}\right)} \end{equation*}

if W is a submanifold W\subseteq V. Also, if N is a submanifold in M, you also have

(7)   \begin{equation*} \mbox{codim}(N)=\mbox{dim}(M)-\mbox{dim}(N) \end{equation*}

such as

(8)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{\mbox{codim}(W)=\mbox{codim}\left(\dfrac{V}{W}\right)=\mbox{dim}\left(\mbox{coker}(W\rightarrow V)\right)\right)} \end{equation*}

Finally, superdimensions! In superspace (I will not go into superhyperspaces today!), you have local coordinates

(9)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{X=(x,\Xi)=(x^\mu, \Xi^\alpha)=(x^\mu, \theta,\overline{\theta})} \end{equation*}

where \mu=0,1,2,\ldots, n-1 and \alpha=1,2,\ldots,\nu. Generally, \nu=2m, so the superdimension is the pair (n,\nu)=(n,2m) in general. In C-spaces (Clifford spaces) you have the expansion in local coordinates:

(10)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{X=X^A\gamma_A=\left(\tau, X^\mu,X^{\mu_1\mu_2},\ldots,X^{\mu_1\dots\mu_D}\right)} \end{equation*}

and if you go into C-superspaces, you will also get

(11)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{Z=Z^W\Gamma_W=(X^A; \Xi^\Omega)=\left(\tau,X^\mu,X^{\mu_1\mu_2},\ldots,X^{\mu_1\dots\mu_D}; \theta, \theta^\alpha,\theta^{\alpha_1\alpha_2},\ldots,\theta^{\alpha_1\ldots\alpha_m}\right)} \end{equation*}

With superdimensions, you can also have superdimensional gauge fields and supermetric fields, at least in principle (in practice, it is hard to build up interacting field theories with higher spins at current time). For supergauge fields, you get

(12)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{A=A^W\Gamma_W=(A^Z; \Xi^\Omega)=\left(\tau,A^\mu,A^{\mu_1\mu_2},\ldots,A^{\mu_1\dots\mu_D}; \Theta, \Theta^\alpha,\Theta^{\alpha_1\alpha_2},\ldots,\Theta^{\alpha_1\ldots\alpha_m}\right)} \end{equation*}

The C-space metric reads

(13)   \begin{equation*} \tcboxmath{ds^2=dX_AdX^A=d\tau^2+dx^\mu dx_\mu+dx^{\mu_1\mu_2}dx_{\mu_1\mu_2}+\cdots dx^{\mu_1\cdots \mu_D}dx_{\mu_1\cdots\mu_D}} \end{equation*}

and more elaborated formula for C-supermetrics and C-superhypermetric could be done (I am not done with them yet…). The mixed type of gauge fields in C-superspaces (even C-superhyperspaces) is yet hard to even myself. Work for another day!

Definition 1 (UR or eTHOR conjecture).

There is an unknown extended theory of relativity (eTHOR), ultimate relativity (UR), and it provides transformation rules between any type of field (scalar, spinorial,vector, tensor, vector spinor, tensor spinor, and general multitensor/multiform multispinor) and their full set of symmetries. Consequences of the conjecture:

  • UR involves coherent theories of higher spins AND higher derivatives, such as there is a full set of limits/bound on the values of the n-th derivatives, even those being negatives (integrals!).

  • UR involves a generalized and extended version of relativity, quantum theory and the equivalence principle.

  • UR provides the limits of the ultimate knowledge in the (Multi)(Uni)verse, even beyond the Planck scale.

  • UR will clarify the origin of space-time, fields, quantum mechanics, QFT and the wave function collapse.

  • UR will produce an explanation of M-theory and superstring theory, the theory of (D)-p-branes and the final fate of the space-time singularities, black hole information and black hole evaporation, and the whole Universe.

See you in other blog post!

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