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Hello, I am ∂³Σx²!  Whenever you read my blog, I am ∂³Σx². My administrator code name/wordpress username is Amarashiki. I have got lots of nicknames during my life and I do have other “secret identities”/”avatars” in the world wide web or IRL (e.g. ∂³Σx², ϑ³Σx², гΣx², Θ³Σx², ΘΣ, OΣ, the Other, Mummu and many others you don’t even know). But you can simply call me Amarashiki or ∂³Σx² in this place. You can find more about me and this site reading the following lines and FAQ:

Q: Who am I?

A: Me = ∂³Σx² = Amarashiki. Here, I am a solitary chronicler and student of Theoretical Physics, Mathematics and Science in the Cyberspace!  Amarashiki, a young loner on a crusade to champion and master the cause of the theory of relativity, the quantum (field) theories, the search for Quantum Gravity and the ultimate theory, using the method and tools of  Science in a world of Physics, Mathematics or Physmatics who operate on a global/local scale, everywhere/every time in the Polyverse.

My blog = The Spectrum of Riemannium = TSOR

Q: What is this?

A: This blog is a “captain’s log” by ∂³Σx², Amarashiki. The Spectrum Of Riemannium (TSOR) aims to be a whimsical trip and challenging journey from the otherworldly outstanding world of equations to the eldritch realm of information where the ideas and the imagination of scientists arise. This blog is also a window into my life, the upcoming New Physics and my sub-Universe. This personal weblog reflects, beyond scientific stuff in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, only my own ideas, subjective opinions and all my preconceptions about Science, Nature or myself. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a physchematician (physicist, chemist, mathematician?) who does not exist.

Q: Why should you read me?

A: Finally, it is your election. There are zillions of good blogs and web pages out there. Why should I look like interesting for you? Let me tempt you. You will follow me searching for the ultimate principles (UP), theories and laws of this rare  (Poly)Uni-verse (aren’t you interested yet?), you watch me seeking the latest scientific experiments (Science-Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,…- is cool, isn’t it?), and you will read my own research on the latest mathematical discoveries (yes, I love Mathematics, and you? Sure you do! Even if you don’t, don’t run away and read me here! Mathematics is not as scary as it seems to be, it is just a different language!). I will be also reviewing some reading about some of the most recent technologies (and everyone loves Technology, aren’t you?).

Q: What are the blog subjects and goals?

A: In this subspace of the multidimensional blogosphere, I will explain some high-tech and specialized topics in Physics and Mathematics, different branches of a more general Science we could name as Physmatics. Beyond it, we have Physchematics=Physics+Chemistry+Mathematics. Even though it is aimed as a specialized blog, it is also aimed to be interesting for a wider audience. Think yourself, and you will be really free. Why are you browsing the internet? Are you wishing to read something interesting? Are you bored? Check my blog and links. Who knows? Your own Universe can change after it. Curiosity is perhaps the most important trigger for true scientists. We share our curiosity with this kind of pages. Are you curious too? I have several goals with this blog(modest and ambitious), and I will be satisfied to learn that you find it useful and “cool” as well, or if I make you think and/or read more about Science and Physmatics.

Q: What is this Physmatics word about?

A: Physmatics is a portmanteau word created by E. Zaslow in a famous talk given at the Clay Mathematics Institute. As a concept, it is used in my blog as the main subject of my posts. I like the concept and its generality. I have extended it further, with the idea and word of Physchematics (=Physics+Chemistry+Mathematics).

Q: Why is your blog named TSOR?

A: The Spectrum of Riemannium is the title of a nice paper about the mysterious (likely quantum) physical system hidden behind  the Riemann Hypothesis, the most famous unsolved problem in Mathematics. I selected this name for many other reasons. Think about it!

Some easy rules for our mutual satisfaction

1. Do not troll.

2. Be gentle. Don’t be rude.

3. Use nice words/orthography.

4. Report problems or errors (suggestions, comments, broken links, English grammar mistakes,…) directly to Amarashiki.

5. Enjoy your trip.


PS: You can also find me on Google+, here Google+




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