UR stands for Ultimate Relativity. I introduced this concept at the IARD 2016 conference, in a talk titled Extended Relativity: Beyond. As a word, UR means in German “Primeval, original, primitive, most ancient, source”. In Basque language, it means “water”, and in old Irish language, Ogham, it means “earth, soil, clay, fresh, moist”. Therefore, I believe it is a very good short word for the next step beyond standard relativity theory or quantum theory. May be, you could ask why the need of such a term, if we indeed have GUTS(Grand Unified Theories) and TOE(theory of everything). That’s right, but in my thoughts, UR should be a more elaborate theory with physical principles and advanced high-dimensional higher-order high-level of mathematics and of course, serve as the fundamental of physmatics. Finally, maybe, it is subjective or a personal view of the subject by my own, like this diagram shows:

You can download this picture in .pdf here: mindmapERbeyond

To be honest, my UR idea is not really new. It has been also sought as Final Relativity by Fantappie or G. Arcidiacono, relatively unknown italian physicists searching their own path towards unification during the second half of the 20th century. Moreover, something related to it can also be suspected from the viewpoint of multitemporal theories and currently moody Double Field Theories. However, excepting by the latter, I don’t expect to be mainstream with this idea or related ones…Anyway, I dislike to be like others, and I follow my own path. Like it or not, you will have to allow my perturbations in the Force for these thoughts. I am sorry. I am very sorry. If, anyway, you are interested in all of this, follow me back and spread it. Hopefully, my ideas will be falsified or proved in experiments or via future observations.