LOG#019. Triangle mnemonics.

Today, we are going to learn some interesting mnemomic tricks using the celebrated Pythagorean Theorem from your young years at the school. We will be using some simple triangles to remember some of the wonderful formulae of Special Relativity. It … Continue reading

LOG#018. Momenergy (III).

In this last article dedicated to momenergy we are going to learn: 1st) How momenergy transform under Lorent transformations, i.e., the Lorentz transformations of momenergy. 2nd) Some extra stuff on relativistic energy and other alternative deductions of some formulae we … Continue reading

LOG#017. Momenergy (II).

Imagine you own a set of n different particle species, and you make them to collide. In general, even in classical mechanics, you can get some particles loose their identities and become “new particles”. Suppose you make m different “new” … Continue reading

LOG#014. Vectors in spacetime.

We are going to develop the mathematical framework of vectors in (Minkowski) spacetime. Vectors are familiar oriented lines in 3d calculus courses. However, mathematically are a more general abstract entity: you can add, substract and multiply vectors by some number. … Continue reading

LOG#012. Michelson-Morley.

During the 19th century, the electromagnetic theory of Maxwell assumed that electromagnetic waves travelled in a medium called ether. The Michelson-Morley experiment was an experiment devoted to detect the ether. We can think about the electromagnetic waves like an analogue … Continue reading

LOG#011. Relativistic accelerations.

Imagine the S’-frame moves at constant velocity (see the frames above this line): relative to the S-frame. In the S’-frame an object moves with acceleration QUESTION: What is the acceleration in the S-frame? Of course it has to be something … Continue reading