LOG#216. Asian length units: the list.

Asian units for length: a non-exhaustive list. 1 Chi (China)= m= cm 1 Chi (Hong-Kong)= m 1 Chi (Taiwan)=1 shaku (Japan)==0.3030 m 1 chek = m 1 tsun = chek (Hong-Kong) 1 tsun = cm (Taiwan, China) 1 fan= tsun … Continue reading

LOG#208. Monsters and LISA.

Black holes and other astrophysical objects are true monsters. Some interesting tools from web pages to learn about these free catalogues: WATCHDOG and BLACKCAT. Also, the blackhole.org page and the sounds of spacetime for gravitational waves are suitable for you. … Continue reading

LOG#187. Hypothetical particles: the list.

Fast post! List of particles not yet confirmed or completely confirmed to exist: Preons. (“boojums” and “snarks”?) Pre-preons. Prequarks. Rishons. Subquarks. Haplons. Hexads/Hexons (and trons?). Bradyons (tardyons, ittyons). Superbradyons. Elvisebrions. Erebons. Darkons. . . -bosons, -particles. -bosons, -particles. Luxons (beyond … Continue reading

LOG#170. The shortest papers ever: the list.

Hi, everyone. In this short post I am going to discuss some of the shortest papers ever written all over the world!!!!! This idea came to my mind due to a post by @seanmcarroll on twitter and other social networks… … Continue reading

LOG#140. Exotic “atoms”: the list.

In this short post, I am going to name some wonderful exotic “atoms” and/or bound states (molecules). Some of them are well known for all of you. Others, maybe they are not. Firstly, I will state the particle species I … Continue reading

LOG#103. Numbers: the list.

Hello, eager earthlings! Today, my list is about fascinating number types. I love them all so much… 1) Natural numbers. 2) Integer numbers. 3) Fractional numbers. 4) Irrational numbers. 5) Real numbers. 6) Complex numbers. 7) Quaternions. 8) Octonions/Octaves/Cayley numbers. … Continue reading

LOG#102. Superstuff: the list.

Hello, Earth planet! Hello, earthlings! I want to share with you my list of favourite “superstuff”…Enjoy it: 1) Supersymmetry. 2) Superspace. 3) Supermatrix. 4) Superdeterminant. 5) Supergravity. 6) Superstrings. 7) Super p-branes. . Question: What about or “fractional branes”? 8) … Continue reading

LOG#101. Hyperstuff: the list.

Hello, world! This short post is a list with my favourite hyperstuff related to Physmatics. It also begins a new subcategory of (generally short) posts that I have called “Lists” where I will be writing enumerative lists about some “stuff” … Continue reading