LOG#119. Basic Neutrinology(IV).

A very natural way to generate the known neutrino masses is to minimally extend the SM including additional 2-spinors as RH neutrinos and at the same time extend the non-QCD electroweak SM gauge symmetry group to something like this:   … Continue reading

LOG#118. Basic Neutrinology(III).

Mass terms Phenomenologically, lagrangian mass terms can be understood as terms describing “transitions” between right (R) and left (L) handed states in the electroweak sector. For a given minimal, Lorentz invariant set of 4 fields (), we have the components … Continue reading

LOG#117. Basic Neutrinology(II).

The current Standard Model of elementary particles and interactions supposes the existence of 3 neutrino species or flavors. They are neutral, upper components of “doublets” with respect to the group, the weak interaction group after the electroweak symmetry breaking, and … Continue reading

LOG#116. Basic Neutrinology(I).

This new post ignites a new thread. Subject: the Science of Neutrinos. Something I usually call Neutrinology.   I am sure you will enjoy it, since I will keep it elementary (even if I discuss some more advanced topics at some … Continue reading

LOG#070. Natural Units.

Happy New Year 2013 to everyone and everywhere! Let me apologize, first of all, by my absence… I have been busy, trying to find my path and way in my field, and I am busy yet, but finally I could … Continue reading

LOG#067. SM(IX): Summary.

What is the SM? What it does?What is not the SM? What it does not? 1) A local relativistic quantum field theory describing matter-energy and the electroweak and strong interactions up to a distance . It is a “correct”, “effective” … Continue reading

LOG#066. SM(VIII): tests.

The weak scale and the weak angle The Fermi constant is defined through a beautiful and simple mathematical formula:     This formula for the Fermi constant was very important in the long path towards the EW unification since knowing … Continue reading

LOG#065. SM(VII): phenomenology.

The above picture is a cool mind map by the cosmologist and particle physicist Sean Carroll. It summaries somehow the phenomenological charges of the Standard Model plus the gravitational sector we do not know at quantum level. Physical Higgs sector … Continue reading

LOG#064. SM(VI): total lagrangian.

The total SM lagrangian can be written now, with some subtle notational changes, from the previous posts. It is really a monster “thing”: From what you have learned in previous log-entries, can you identify the meaning of every lagrangian piece … Continue reading