TSOR is a free project. However, it takes time and personal effort to grow it up!

Do you want to help me? Make a donation!

Ideally, I would be glad to dedicate myself to higher education (and research) through wonderful posts and extra material or media. I could create content for you. In particular, my current road map includes:

1) Thematic threads.

2) Cool uncommon topics.

3) Easy to understand introduction to physics, mathematics and physmatics.

4) Pod-casts and/or videos talking about some scientific topic, subject or paper (under study right now).

and much more! I am enlarging the “event horizon” of this blog.

My ultimate goal: spread out what I learn and I want you to know.

I wish it could serve to everyone and everywhere as an aid or valuable tool to learn Physmatics.

If you believe this project deserves an opportunity, you can make a little contribution here and fund this project!

The more donations I receive, the more focused on this project I will be!



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    • What do you mean? Are you interested in a donation? Anyway, I was sad for many months and sad since I have observed how many people turned to VideoBlogging and writing is now minoritary…So, I was thinking to END my blog with post 250 (special) and then to reignite it in other format/way. I am thinking about it. I don’t know what I am going to do yet! Maybe 250th will be the end of this blog or perhaps the beginning of a new TSOR again!

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