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I also offer  (by private conference) freelance scientific consultancy on my expertise subjects:

  1. Physics and theoretical physics. It includes mathematical physics, cosmology, astrophysics, astronomy and related areas.
  2. Mathematics and applied mathematics.
  3. Chemistry and Astrochemistry.
  4. Private mentoring and teaching.

Prices will be decided in forthcoming times. Do you need equations for a movie or story? Do you need if some type of Science is realistic enough to be developed by your institution? Do you need an advice for investing in Science-related areas? My consulting service is obviously subjective and I have a personal bias, but I also have a solid mathematics and physics background as a theoretical physicist. Maybe I can help (not for free though!).

I believe I can help writers, movie-makers, series-makers, with Science too. Sometimes I get desperated to see bad Science in books, movies, series or cartoons/comics.  If you want to consult my services, you can inquiry me by mail here:

Stay tuned!