(Coming VERY soon)

Would you want to contribute to improve my production? Would you want to encourage my work here? You will be able to BUY some of my TSOR blog posts! Note that writing here requires me time I can not afford at the moment unless I get more finantial aids. So, I thought I could try to sell some customized blog posts with LaTeX. I will do it for you. My logistics is not ready yet (maybe this forthcoming summer I will be able to sell the documents, with good edition by my own).


  1. Individual blog posts: 5 euro/dollar/pound.
  2. A set of 10 posts pack (in chronological order, 001-010, 011-020,…): 50 euros/dollars/pounds per pack.
  3. On demand/10 posts pack requests: customized selection of 10 TSOR posts. 75 euros/dollars/pounds per 10 post pack.
  4. The special blog posts pack (LOG#050, LOG#100, LOG#150, LOG#200, and LOG#250): 100 euros/dollars/pounds the pack of specials.
  5. The full edited (and dedicated) TSOR blog posts (from LOG#001 to LOG#250): 500 euros/dollars/pounds. I would sell it cheaper, in the case I manage a large amount of requests,… The price is due to the time I have spent to produce it. It has more than 1300 pages(pictures included from the web) and about 44000 words! I think they deserve at least that value. After all, I have not grant or solid income in these dark times. I survive as outsider in the Science World. Any help? Note: it is only 2 euros/dollars/pounds per blog post!
  6. Additional materials I have written out there (either in Spanish or English). They include short papers, presentations, talks, notes and essays. The value of these writings for me is likely much more of what you will pay, so consider a contribution to my place or make a donation if you simply want to collaborate or do not consider the full edited posts.

I have been thinking about payment options. I will allow from the beginning:

  • Paypal. Preferred option at the moment.
  • Direct transfers. Not preferred at the moment.
  • Maybe cryptos, but I have to learn yet how to do that, yet. But it will be my future favourite option.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on my site. Changes are coming as time flows…

P.S.: Let me know if you have suggestions here…