LOG#160. Polylogia flashes(II).

The polylogarithm or Jonquière’s function is generally defined as     Do not confuse with the logarithm integral in number theory, which is     such as     and     . In fact, notation can be confusing sometimes … Continue reading

LOG#159. Polylogia flashes (I).

In the next series of post, I am going to define (again) and write some cool identities of several objects that mathematicians and physicists know as zeta functions and polylogarithms. I have talked about them already here http://www.thespectrumofriemannium.com/2012/11/07/log051-zeta-zoology/ 1. We … Continue reading

LOG#051. Zeta Zoology.

This log-entry is an exploration journey… To boldly go, where no zeta function has gone before… Riemann zeta function The Riemann zeta function is an object related to prime numbers. In general, it is a function of complex variable defined … Continue reading